Outfit 2

Yesterday´s outfit was all about black. I am looking for another pair of slouchy black pants, I have wore this so much they are falling into pieces. If you know any…

The t shirt has had also a lot of wearing. I bought this one and a white one at the beginning of the summer when the Cos store opened in Madrid. Few days later the thread in the white one started to get loose and now is frayed…no good.

Pants : Stradivarius Shirt : Cos

The espadrilles are also a new buy from this summer, you get the best in Spain. When I was looking for a pair most of them where cheap chinese, finally very close where I live, I found a really old fashioned store (the didn’t have a credit card machine!!!) and that was it. They are the most comfortable shoes I have and they are beautiful as well. Matching toe nails optional.


    • This is a high heel for me! Thanks a lot for your comment. I twisted my ankle badly last year, so I sold most of my high heels on ebay. I really miss them…

      • Anytime. As mentioned, this all looks great. The heel thing is a personal thing… 😉 no negative feedback intended… 😉 perhaps you will be able to get back to the heels you once wore… I have confidence… 😉 I look forward to more of your fashion sense… 😉

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