Outfit 3

Shorts again, It´s really hot in Madrid these days. As I said here, I will try to wear them as much as I can. An easy, basic, summery outfit, just what I like.

T shirt: H&M Trend Shorts : Zara Trafaluc Flats : Repetto via Mytheresa.com

My beloved Repetto flats, one of the things I bought on sale this summer along with the Equipment shirt . I am in love with them, silver is perfect for the summer (with dark ones feet get really hot!) and they are so comfortable…

I was so into them that I started to look into the black ones, they are the perfect black leather ballet shoes (this is as important as the perfect black handbag ), but they never go on sale, so my boyfriend give them to me to my birthday, lucky girl.

Even the box is beautiful, sleek black outside, pastel soft pink in the inside. I am planing to redo my shoes closet with matching shoe boxes, and these are the only ones I am going to leave. He also ordered this from Mytheresa.com, they are really quick and we also take advantage of the free shipping. I think they have one of the best selection in Repetto in Europe and good sales.

Once I have these two pairs I purged my shoes and all my ballet flats were gone, about 5 pairs, the were low quality and they have been used a lot. I think from now on I am going to develop a collection in Repetto flats, if you see any on sale size 40 just tell me!

One thing about sizes, as most of ballet flats, these runs small, they have half sizes, but I prefer to go up a size. The leather stretches really nice to hug your feet.

These shoes are expensive, about 160€, but they are high quality and you can also take them to the shoe repair to get them mended. They have a sole, not as many cheap ballet flats that it looks like your are walking on the pavement! For me they are an investment, I will take care of them and make them last.



  1. Your Repetto black flats are very cool! You are a really lucky girl! Your boyfriend has a very good taste.

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