One of the things I am trying to achieve with this blog is to make my shopping more rational and obtain a better working wardrobe.  I don’t want to think about what to wear all the time but I would like to look put together. I don’t need to wear the latest trends, I prefer to develop my personal style and have a care free attitude towards fashion. In order to achieve  this I have set some rules, the first one is set a budget for each moth, this won’t be always the same, it will depend on the other expending (let´s say it could be between 50 and 100€).

Second will be to asses what I really want, and need. This is not that I am going to be thinking about it all the time, but if I see something I like i will put in the blog so I remember it and I can choose between the options what I would like to buy within my budget. I will try to buy quality items and embrace the philosophy of “less is more”. Having to many items in my closet makes me feel uneasy, less things works better for me. Now I have reach a point that my style is not so variable I have choose to buy quality over quantity. This doesn’t mean that I am going to expend stupid amounts of money on something, this means I would try to buy the best I can afford in those things that are tried and tested (I really  like them, I really need them and I really use them).

The third and last rule it´s use what I have and If it doesn’t work sell it, give to friends and family, donate it or put it on the bin. Of course sometimes rules are there to be broken, let’s have an space to improvisation…


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