The purge

I have been doing a massive clear out from my closet. I am taking one type of item at the time, going through every single thing and taking the ones are not using anymore to sell at Ebay, give it to family or friends, to charity or just toss them into the bin.

I didn’t realize how many things I wasn’t actually wearing, I felt sad and stupid for the waste of money. It all started with my shoes, I opened the closet where I store them to add a new pair and I found out there wasn’t any space left. My brain started to work and I began purging. I think I tossed about 7 pairs, 2 went to charity and sold 6 pairs. I am going to give 3 pairs to my sister and still have 7 pairs for sale. That adds up 25 pairs, but I am still reassessing so I believe more things will go.

And it felt so good… so I follow on with everything else. I counted around 45 tops and I was wearing only 15! I have sent most of them to charity, they were cheap (3 to 10€) tops that are in good condition, most of them fitted and I don’t wear fitted tops any more. The bast majority are a few years old, the ones are newer will have a go with my sister and friends. Selling this kind of thing in Ebay is pointless.

I have done the same with everything else, there are a few listings with handbags and dresses and I have sold one of each, I will wait if they sell If not they will go to charity as well.

It’s not the money, I haven’t got much but I feel better if I think someone it’s going to use it and also I hope the charity makes any money to help people with the things I gave them. I wont’t be so wasted, so vacuous.

This is still a work in progress, I don’t know how long it’s going to take, it’s been difficult. I have done everything wrong, I thought I knew how to shop but I didn’t. I have to learn again just hoping this time I will do it better.

** If you are interested in the items that I have for sale please check my shop , I have more clothing items please email me if you want to see them


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