I am going away for the weekend. One of the best things about having a good working closet is that packing gets much easier. I tend to wait till the last minute and I like to travel light, I don’t have a car so I prefer to take my backpack.

These are the things I am planning to take, I am thinking on maybe add a pair of shorts because the weather is going to be really good only a little bit chilly at night, that’s the reason I am taking a couple of scarfs. A black dress for saturday night, a couple of skinnies, four tops, a couple of knits and my black Repettos that I can wear with everything. The flip-flops can be useful for staying indoors and out, underwear and a nightgown and I am done!!

I roll the garments so they creased less and they fit easier in my backpack. What are your tips for packing? Next week I will show this weekend outfits.



  1. I think I am addicted to scarves, mostly because I suffer from sore throat : ( but also because it’s a really easy way to change an outfit : )

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