I don’t usually post interiors but I love them as well. I live in an small apartment and I have a low budget so Ikea is all around it. I just have rearranged my expedit bookcase in the living room that shares space with the dinning table.

I love the chairs, my investment on spanish design. The came from a vasc company called Stua. They have amazing things and the price is not step high.

Do you share the love for interiors as well as fashion?


Looks like I only wear two skinnies right now. The grey ones  and the black ones.

Here with my favorite fall/winter cardigan, this grey cardigan from Forever 21 was less than 10€ last year and I have been wearing it non stop since then.  I am a person that puts comfort over fashion clearly. I love the slouchy shape, the soft cotton… as I said before I can’t stand cashmere or any other wool type, it’s itchy in my skin, good for me, cotton is cheaper.

Skinnies Zara Top H&M Cardigan Forever 21 Belt H&M Boots Sam Edelman

Here with my favorite jumper and shirt. Unlike wool silk fills fantastic in my skin, I love my Equipment shirt, well worth the money I save buying cotton cardigans ; ) This jumper has a little bit of wool on it but it’s mostly cotton, also less than 10€ last winter. I can see a pattern here …

Skinnies Zara Top Marks&Spencer Shirt Equipment Shoes Marks &Spencer

Finally with my favorite shell from Zara, that I bought last summer and a boyfriend jacket bought on sale at H&M. I usually buy my jackets in Zara but I been buying my last ones in H&M , I suppose their fit is improving.

Skinnies Zara Top Zara Jacket H&M Shoes Marks &Spencer

I can see another pattern here, neutrals…black, antique withe and grey. The good about this is that you can mix an match every item in your closet for endless combinations. You will see more reincarnations of these items in future posts. I don’t really have much more to wear ; )


Fall uniform consists in skinnies, t shirt, cardigan and jacket. I have been wearing my gray skinnies non stop till today that was raining a lot and I set my feet in a loose tile. The splash went up to my knees, thanks I was going home.

This looks like yesterday’s look changing the skirt for the jeans, adding new items of my closet to the ubiquitous skinnies.

Skinnies Topshop T shirt James Perse Cardigan Marks&Spencer Shoe boots Marks&Spencer

This one has items that I have had in my closet for a while.

Skinnies Topshop Cardigan Forever 21 T shirt H&M Boots Sam Edelman

This is using items that I have had in my closet for a while.


I went shopping today for some long sleeve t shirts for my boyfriend and it proved more difficult than I thought. He also needed a black jumper, I couldn’t find any of the them so I ended buying this at H&M.

Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without buying something for me.

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, it’s a black skirt with mini white starts.I love starts, I could’t resist.

You may say, why if the quality is so bad, I add so many pictures…I can help it, I just received my new James Perse t shirts in black and white and I think they look good with the skirt. I love them, the quality, the fit…fantastic. And they were half price  : ) . I bought the black cardigan at M&S while browsing through underwear. I wanted a long draping black cardigan that wasn’t itchy and I saw this one, the fill is nice, it wasn’t expensive so here it is. What do you think?


I had the most wonderful time in London, the weather was really good and been Remembrance day the atmosphere was special, the only complain was my painful feet.

There are so many things to see and the weekend flew so quickly. I love London, I have been many times but I never get tired of it. And London has the perfect department store, Liberty, we wandered around looking at Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Helmut Lang, Acne, APC  clothes, Mulberry bags, Valentino scarfs.

Topshop flagship store is so big, the even have a d.j, we just were talking about the music when we saw him, there is also a place for piercings and tattoos (we found that weird). I loved All Saints shop at Candem, all was black or gray, just my kind of place. I bought underwear for my whole family in M&S  and some creams from Soap & Glory.

Finally I got my grey skinnies. Light effect courtesy of a dirty lens.

Skinnies Topshop Top M&S Boots Sam Edelman Belt Pull&Bear

Today I also bought a really cheap parka from Lefties. It was 29,99€ and looks cute.


What do you pack for a weekend in London when you have not space whatsoever because you are planning to fill your backpack with your shopping?

I would say lots of black! A pair of skinnies from Zara, a couple of t shirts from Cos and H&M, a t shirt dress from Boohoo, a  sweater from Marks and Spencer, a  cardigan from Forever 21, flat boots from New Look , heeled shoe boots from Marks and Spencer, an small handbag from Lefties and a H&M scarf. I am planning to make at least five outfits from these pieces adding some others I will buy in London.

Alexander Wang

I have always loved Alexander Wang’s designs, but I prefer his clothes rather than his shoes or bags. T by Alexander Wang’s update in classic basics with neutral colors fits my style perfectly. I have never had any of these because I find them expensive and I wasn’t sure about the quality. Until now…

I saw this dress in Yoox on sale and free shipping and I decided to give it a go. I love t shirt dresses, I have a black one and I think they are flattering for my body shape and really versatile. It’s understated look appealed to me. This dress can be dressed up with heels and jewelry or down with a pair of booties. Can be worn with leggings or tights in the winter or with bare legs and sandals in the summer. Lets see if I love it so much when it arrives, if it is an staple in my closet, hopefully it will.

Outfit 16,17&18

A few pictures from the things I have been wearing lately.

Parka H&M Dress H&M Leggings H&M Boots New Look

A little bit grunge

 Knit Marks&Spencer Top H&M Skinnies Topshop Flats Repetto

My inner french

Knit H&M Top Cos Jeans H&M Boots Sam Edelman

I am not working at the moment so everything it’s casual and basically I mix things over and over again. As I said yesterday I have about 15 pants but that’s including shorts and work wear. At the end of the day I use 7 most of the time, rotating them depending on the weather. Now is getting colder so I have started wearing thicker jeans like these ones. They are boot cut and a little bit on the larger side (I bought them on sale) I tried to update them rolling them up. They look ok.

The last pic is just to show my handbag on the zipper side, It’s beautiful and I love the way it goes with everything from dressier to casual.

Inventory – Pants

I have been purging my closet for a while now, I didn’t know it was going to take so long! I read posts of people that do it in an evening with friends. Well, I am not one of those. It’s not that I have so many things, it’s that I am assessing everything taking my time and sometimes I even have a look twice o three times to the same thing to see if works for me or not.

I can see I am nearly there but I believe that the perfect closet doesn’t exist so I will try to be as close as I can.

Also I have been quite good with my shopping ban, I only bought a pair of leggings, some socks and this pants in Zara.  The Cheap Monday skinnies didn’t work out for me, these are really comfy, warm and cheaper.

So far I have three jeans, one straight dark from H&M, another one lighter from Zara and the the dark skinny from Gap.

I also have three black skinnies, the one from Topshop, which is thinner, the Zara above and another one from H&M I am still thinking what I am going to do with it. I bought it last year because I couldn’t find any other I like but I wasn’t convinced and I am still not convinced.

I have my slouchy black pants, they are ankle length and ideal for summer. I bought them at Stradivarius and I love them but I have been wearing them a lot these last two years and I will soon need  a new pair.

Also in black  I have my leatherette pair from H&M similar to these ones.

I am updating my grey pair, that also bought last year in Berskha, very bad quality and planning to buy this one from Topshop in a couple of weeks in London.

In terms of color I have my blue pair from Topshop and I would like to buy a pair of red skinnies.

I also have three pairs of shorts I have used a lot in the summer, light jeans from Zara , white cut off and black short from H&M seen here.

On top of that I have a couple of black pants and a light brown one for work. I am still don’t know if a going to keep the three of them.

That makes a grand total of 15 pairs, which is not too bad. I already sold a pair on Ebay, I donated a pair of jeans, a black skinny and the gray one and I think i probably will donate a couple more if I buy something new in London. As I said I am getting there ; )