Inventory – Pants

I have been purging my closet for a while now, I didn’t know it was going to take so long! I read posts of people that do it in an evening with friends. Well, I am not one of those. It’s not that I have so many things, it’s that I am assessing everything taking my time and sometimes I even have a look twice o three times to the same thing to see if works for me or not.

I can see I am nearly there but I believe that the perfect closet doesn’t exist so I will try to be as close as I can.

Also I have been quite good with my shopping ban, I only bought a pair of leggings, some socks and this pants in Zara.  The Cheap Monday skinnies didn’t work out for me, these are really comfy, warm and cheaper.

So far I have three jeans, one straight dark from H&M, another one lighter from Zara and the the dark skinny from Gap.

I also have three black skinnies, the one from Topshop, which is thinner, the Zara above and another one from H&M I am still thinking what I am going to do with it. I bought it last year because I couldn’t find any other I like but I wasn’t convinced and I am still not convinced.

I have my slouchy black pants, they are ankle length and ideal for summer. I bought them at Stradivarius and I love them but I have been wearing them a lot these last two years and I will soon need  a new pair.

Also in black  I have my leatherette pair from H&M similar to these ones.

I am updating my grey pair, that also bought last year in Berskha, very bad quality and planning to buy this one from Topshop in a couple of weeks in London.

In terms of color I have my blue pair from Topshop and I would like to buy a pair of red skinnies.

I also have three pairs of shorts I have used a lot in the summer, light jeans from Zara , white cut off and black short from H&M seen here.

On top of that I have a couple of black pants and a light brown one for work. I am still don’t know if a going to keep the three of them.

That makes a grand total of 15 pairs, which is not too bad. I already sold a pair on Ebay, I donated a pair of jeans, a black skinny and the gray one and I think i probably will donate a couple more if I buy something new in London. As I said I am getting there ; )



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