White shirt

You know when you find something and you fall in love? That was me when I bought my Equipment shirt.

Equipment signature shirt 

This is the only shirt I have right now. I usually wear t shirts and jersey tops, I feel more comfortable in them. A while ago I went into Pull&Bear and they had many white shirts in different styles, I was looking for one and I bought the “boyfriend” in cotton. The style was just what I wanted, a bit oversized with two pockets. After a couple of washes small holes appeared in the fabric and the creases made it impossible to wear. The shirt was cheap but this was just plain crap. But I liked the style so much I started to look for something similar with better quality, and I saw Equipment shirts in blogs. I don’t like to buy something because is on fashion, it will be expensive and most of the times it’s not going to work for me. But one day a nature white shirt was on sale, half price at my-wardrobe, and it was my size so …I give it a go and I fell in love.

When it arrived it was exactly the same as my cheap shirt, the same cut, measurements… clearly it was a copy. So I liked the style before I knew about Equipment signature shirt. Then I realized how good the material was, the drape of the silk, the feeling in my skin. I don’t believe in perfect things, this shirt it’s is not perfect but it’s as good as it gets for me now.

It’s the kind of thing you can wear with almost everything, in the summer I wore it with shorts and now underneath jumpers and cardigans.

Shirt Equipment Skinnies TopShop Cardigan Forever21(similar) Boots Massimo Dutti 

I think is about time I buy another gray cardigan, everyone must be tired of this one.



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