The Dragon Tattoo Collection: Trish Summerville X H&M

The Dragon Tattoo collection is the last H&M collaboration. I usually pass these H&M designer associations but Trish Summerville’s clothes got my interest. The collection is for sale in only a few stores and is inspired by the american movie version of the Stieg Larsson book “The men who didn’t love women”. Thris Summerville is the clothing designer in the movie.

 Via H&M

On Saturday after reading Miss Sophie’s opinion about the collection I went to the shops selling it. There is not much publicity around it unlike any other H&M collaboration. There are only a few stalls in the Divided section and not many people looking at them. Maybe is a collection that is not appealing to so many people.

I tried a few things and I lover them, the quality is really good for the price. The leather jacket is gorgeous but I wasn’t looking for one, I was looking for a replacement for my grey cardigan, so I bought this…

The cardigan is like a knit hoodie with draped sides, it has a big safety pin so it can be pinned in one side. You can find it also in maroon I loved it also but grey was more suitable for me.



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