New things, old things

This is how I envisioned my plaid shirt. My boyfriend says I looked like a woodcutter here  so I rather wear it underneath a sweater…

Jeans TopShop Shirt Forever21 Sweater Marks&Spencer Boots Sam Edelman

For a person that doesn’t wear color I find this combination very subtle.

I have bought many things this month. Between the sales and the new arrivals, I actually have spent around 200€ which is a lot! I have to say that all that money comes from Xmas presents and Ebay sales ( it has been a good month).

I bought a couple of jeans, this red one and Topshop Jamie . A couple of shirts, the plaid one and the  starry from Zara. One denim jacket  and a stripped top seen here. A nice pair of new shoes and a cheap black skirt from Forever 21. Also I am waiting for a black blazer and a grey t shirt from Forever 21, but I don’t know if a going to keep them or not yet. I haven’t got any t shirt in heather grey so I hope this one is ok.

All these things for that kind of money it’s not too bad, now I can stay the rest of the year without buying anything : )

New Things (Sales)

So here it is a post with a few things that got on sale.

I thought it could be good to have a plaid shirt, but I didn’t want to spend money on it because I don’t know if this is something that is going to work for me, so here it comes Forever 21 flannel shirt . I really like it, mostly for the price, and I think I could work it out, underneath sweaters and open with a tee.

These are the Topshop jeans I talked about in the last post, they are quite good. I like the higher waist and the fact that they are really skinny and dark denim.  Again for the price, I am a happy customer : )

As a bonus another picture with the denim jacket from Blanco. I like the double denim.

New things

I am not wearing this today, actually I wore something similar to this this morning, but I thought I will be good to show you my new things all together. These are the clothes and shoes I bought this month that weren’t on sale.  I got money as Xmas presents as I said and I went a bit crazy with shopping…

Finally the red skinnies I have talk about over and over again. This outfit looks quite similar to the Mango look actually…I got them in Topshop, it’s a new color for the spring and since I have them in blue  and grey and I have been wearing them a lot I thought it would work to buy another pair. On top of that I think this tone of red is just perfect. I quite like Topshop jeans, I bought another pair on sale, the Jamie , similar to this one but in dark denim. It hasn’t arrive yet, was 15GBP, which is good, let’s see…

You have seen this top before, in fact, this outfit is very similar to that one…Anyway I love it, I think I am going to wear it a lot.

The shoes; I have been looking for a wearable and dressy pair of black shoes for agessssss, they all are or too high or too low, or too expensive, or too granny or just plain crap. I saw these on Stradivarius and I really liked them. I wanted to add the link but apparently they are sold out online, they are not leather but they look quite good. I thought I liked more the round toe but this pointy toe it’s just lovely.


This is the accessories nook in my bedroom.

I have three hooks where I keep my bags and scarfs. Since I purged most of my bags I don’t have many now and the one I use everyday it’s kept in the entry way. I love my basket that I use to go to the beach in the summer.

Scarves from Dayaday, Primark, Pull&Bear, Zara…
Bags from Zara, Opelle,  Lefties and H&M tote.
I don’t have color in my closet and scarves are an easy way to add it.

I bought this jewelry storage at Urban Outfitters, they no longer carry it. I have so many earrings that it has to be big. It’s so much easier when you can see what you have…and it looks really good.

I have been living in this flat for nearly 10 years and this was done only a few months ago…I am a slow thinker when it comes to decoration.


Outfits that layer the same color in different hues are easy. Color blocking it’s much more complicated to get it right. I have done many times monochrome outfits, gray + gray + gray is a no brainer but looks  good.

Cardigan H&M Dress T by Alexander Wang via YOOX  Leggings Forever21 Boots Sam Edelman

I bought these leggings last year but I couldn’t figure out how to wear them. Now I do…

Presents & Sales (2)

Carry on the same theme as the previous post, I keep on wearing stripes …

I went into Cos to have a look a the sales and I finished buying something that wasn’t in sale. This stripped top could be easily one of the cheapest things in the shop even at full price, it’s a nice loose fit with soft pyma cotton and it has stripes!! I have the black with off white stripes  and now a white with black stripes… ; )

I also bought a denim jacket really cheap at Blanco, I thought it could be good for spring.

Also in the picture my new handbag!! I got it as Xmas present from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. It’s buttery soft lambs leather and it could be carried on the shoulder with the gold chain or as a clutch. I don’t know how it’s going to work for me carrying it as a clutch, because I have never have one before, so i’t good that it has the chain, but I definitively will give it a go and you will see it in pictures.

From the same designer as my other black handbag, Opelle, you can see it better in Amy’s pictures in her Etsy shop.

Presents & Sales

I didn’t want to buy anything on these sales (because I don’t have money to spare), but I got some money as Xmas present so on Saturday I went to have a look at the shops and I finished buying something from Zara.

I saw this shirt a couple of moths ago but I couldn’t find it in my size, when I spotted it last Saturday I bought it straight away. I love stars and I don’t have dressy tops, most are just t shirts.

I finished the year with stripes on the top and start with stripes at the bottom, I can see a theme going on here…With the money I also ordered the red jeans from Topshop, they suppose to be raspberry red, not as bright as other red jeans and I find them more suitable for me. I will have  something that is not black or white or gray… : )

New year resolutions

I don’t do new year resolutions, so I don’t feel bad about not following them… Right now my closet it’s mostly black, white and gray, I gave up trying to incorporate other colors, it’s just not me. But I really like red, maybe this year…


I can see me in a black and white version of this with this skirt .

The never ending story quest for the red jeans maybe it’s over, with this Topshop ones.

Or maybe all I need it’s some red underwear like this one from M&S on sale!