New things

I am not wearing this today, actually I wore something similar to this this morning, but I thought I will be good to show you my new things all together. These are the clothes and shoes I bought this month that weren’t on sale.  I got money as Xmas presents as I said and I went a bit crazy with shopping…

Finally the red skinnies I have talk about over and over again. This outfit looks quite similar to the Mango look actually…I got them in Topshop, it’s a new color for the spring and since I have them in blue  and grey and I have been wearing them a lot I thought it would work to buy another pair. On top of that I think this tone of red is just perfect. I quite like Topshop jeans, I bought another pair on sale, the Jamie , similar to this one but in dark denim. It hasn’t arrive yet, was 15GBP, which is good, let’s see…

You have seen this top before, in fact, this outfit is very similar to that one…Anyway I love it, I think I am going to wear it a lot.

The shoes; I have been looking for a wearable and dressy pair of black shoes for agessssss, they all are or too high or too low, or too expensive, or too granny or just plain crap. I saw these on Stradivarius and I really liked them. I wanted to add the link but apparently they are sold out online, they are not leather but they look quite good. I thought I liked more the round toe but this pointy toe it’s just lovely.



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