I haven’t worn a pair of sneakers for another thing apart from going to pilates for a long time. I really wanted some for everyday use and when I saw this collaboration between Adidas and Oysho I thought that was it. But this month I already had bought Hope Grace Boots  and even on sale there were expensive so my boyfriend, who is a fervent Adidas lover, bought them for me : ) Love them, thank you!!

T shirt Cos Cardigan H&M Belt H&M Skinnies Top Shop Sneakers Oysho

Following new year resolutions

At the beginning of the year I said I would give a try to incorporate red to my closet and I bought a pair of red jeans. Then I thought it would be nice to have a plaid shirt and I bought one on sale (here with dark blue jeans, here with grey jeans). I already wore the red and plaid together, with a jumper on top, but I think this is the combination I like most.

I was waiting for my grey t shirt to have this outfit complete, I didn’t have any… I maybe get bored of wearing the same shirt over a over again but for the moment I don’t : ).

To add a little more red I got this bag from Zara as a late Xmas present. Wearing my American Apparel gray t shirt, cropped skinnies from Zara and Stradivarius pumps.

My inner french

O should I say my inner swedish? Because this outfit may look french with stripes and cropped trousers but it’s mostly swedish.

Wearing my new Hope Grace boots, cropped skinnies from Zara ( I am spanish after all…), Cos stripped  top and black cardigan from H&M. Also the snood, not seen here, is from H&M.  I haven’t been in Sweden but I would love to go, I have been in many places around Europe but in Northern Europe I have only been in Denmark…maybe this summer I can go shopping to all these swedish labels I love.

Plaid, again

Making the shoe post make me think about the shoes I not wearing but I would like to keep. Below ones are keepers, nice work out style lace boots with a high heel. They were a hand me down from my sister, she can’t wear heels, but she liked the style and bought them. They are slightly big for me, I should add them an insole if I want to wear them more often.

Finally I bought Hope Grace boots , a) because I love the plain, classic design, b) because they were on sale and c) because they were on sale half price. So now I am thinking on getting rid of something so I can keep my magic number of 20 pairs : )

Love this shirt, love these jeans and this t shirt

Black Basics

I enjoy buying basics, these are the things I mostly wear so I like to spend my time choosing them instead of something special that I would wear only twice.

Bodas cotton basics underwire bra. It’s so difficult to find a simple basic bra that goes more than B cup in Spain. Bodas makes simple but high quality bras, really comfortable to wear and with a very natural shape. Love it, the customer service it’s also fantastic, I am going to get some more…

Falke Pure matt 100 den tights. It’s been so cold lately I needed some opaque tights for my skirts. These are expensive but you can touch the quality, the finish in the legs is velvety soft and elegant.

Zara skinny cropped jeggins. These were on sale for 12,99€, it’s the kind of thing I wear all the time. Thinner and cropped for spring, they are also high waisted. They are a hit of the sales.

American Apparel Sheer jersey cap sleeve t. I am always looking for basic crew neck t shirts in black and white, these are good for layering or alone in the summer. 100% cotton (I hate when the have elastan, because it just highlight the muffin top). They are also on sale,  11$ is just right for a t.



One of the most difficult things I find it’s buying jeans, the right fit, the right wash, the right price tag…all these make the task almost impossible. I lost the count on how many pairs I’ve bought and given to charity or friends… A few days ago I gave this one , they were just too big for me (one of those purchase sales).

In January I found these on sale in Topshop and I decided to give them a go. I love the fit on the Leigh and these looked similar. The Jamie has more substantial denim, also with strech. The fit it’s very skinny but not tight, make them very comfortable to wear. Also they are higher rise and I find that more flattering and easy to wear. All in all I love them and also love the price GBP15 on sale, usually is 40.

Cardigan Marks&Spencer Tshirt American Apparel Jeans Topshop Boots Massimo Dutti

This is more or less my outfit for weekends, you can see the jeans also here.

Shoes, Shoes

Following yesterday’s post I decided to organize my shoe closet and take a few pics of the final culled product.

First my black boots.

Suede flat tall boots No brand Heeled boots Pimkie Wedges H&M Suede ankle boots Sam Edelman

The Pimkie ones are a hand me down from my sister. They have quite a heel, the same as the wedges that’s the reason I don’t wear them that often. I would like to buy a not suede ankle boot, I love Hope Grace ones, but I just don’t have the money right now.

Here my brown boots.

Flat brown boots New Look Block heel brown ankle boots Massimo Dutti

I wear this two pairs a lot and I would like to add another member to the brown club Sam Edelman Petty .

That’s what a I wear in winter (november to march), in spring and autumn I can wear them as well but I will use more my ballet flats and shoes.

Repetto silver leather and black leather (last ones a present from my boyfriend)

I absolutely love Repetto flats, I don’t know if I can justify the high price tag, but the silver ones were bought on sale and I din’t pay for the black ones. I would like to buy some more, maybe nude and red. I wear these all the time so if the price is right it’s money well expended.

High heel shoe booties Bohoo Shoe boots M&S Black shoes Stradivarius Grey shoes Mari Paz

I have sold most of my shoes because I couldn’t wear high heeled shoes any more, these are the ones that have lower heel. I don’t spend much on shoes because the don’t have the same wear as ballet flats or boots, so neither of these ones are leather. The black booties and grey shoes have been used a lot and I think next year will need a replacement.

In summer all I wear is sandals and flip flops.

Red espadrilles No brand Brown wedges No brand 

Black flat sandals Zara Golden leather flat sandals Dolce Vita 

I would like to buy another pair of espadrilles in black next summer . You can get high quality espadrilles in Spain and they are really comfortable for the summer.

Here is a picture of my 20 pairs all together, including my two pairs of flip flops and my trainers.

Cold & Shoes

It’s really cold today, so layers.

Skinnies Zara Top H&M Cardigan H&M Turtleneck New Look Boots Sam Edelman 

Last year, about this time, I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t fit any more shoes in my closet but I didn’t have anything to wear…So I started culling my shoe collection. A year later I sold 14 pairs of shoes, give a couple to my sister and put around 8 in the bin. That’s more or less 24 pairs.

I bought three pairs of boots, the Sam Edelman black ones I wear almost every day,  a pair of flat ones, and these ones. Two pairs of flat sandals, black and gold. A pair of wedged sandals  and a pair of red espadrilles. A pair of Repetto flats (I had another one as present from my boyfriend). And two pairs of black shoes, including these ones. 

A couple of things I bought last year didn’t worked out and I sold them (including these wedges, too high), but most of them had been used on daily basis.

These make 11 pairs, I will have to add three more pair of boots, two pairs of trainers and two pairs of flip flops, a pair of shoe boots and another pair of peep toe shoes (that I don’t think will last another summer). The grand total including trainers and flip flops is 21 which is less than the number I culled…These means I downsize to less than half.

I have forbidden myself from buying any more shoes, I only bought the black ones because I didn’t have any classic black shoes I could use for interviews or a wedding. This one was my only pair in six months and probably will be the only one for a year. I think 20 pairs of shoes is enough so I won’t buy any new ones unless any of them get broken.