Cold & Shoes

It’s really cold today, so layers.

Skinnies Zara Top H&M Cardigan H&M Turtleneck New Look Boots Sam Edelman 

Last year, about this time, I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t fit any more shoes in my closet but I didn’t have anything to wear…So I started culling my shoe collection. A year later I sold 14 pairs of shoes, give a couple to my sister and put around 8 in the bin. That’s more or less 24 pairs.

I bought three pairs of boots, the Sam Edelman black ones I wear almost every day,  a pair of flat ones, and these ones. Two pairs of flat sandals, black and gold. A pair of wedged sandals  and a pair of red espadrilles. A pair of Repetto flats (I had another one as present from my boyfriend). And two pairs of black shoes, including these ones. 

A couple of things I bought last year didn’t worked out and I sold them (including these wedges, too high), but most of them had been used on daily basis.

These make 11 pairs, I will have to add three more pair of boots, two pairs of trainers and two pairs of flip flops, a pair of shoe boots and another pair of peep toe shoes (that I don’t think will last another summer). The grand total including trainers and flip flops is 21 which is less than the number I culled…These means I downsize to less than half.

I have forbidden myself from buying any more shoes, I only bought the black ones because I didn’t have any classic black shoes I could use for interviews or a wedding. This one was my only pair in six months and probably will be the only one for a year. I think 20 pairs of shoes is enough so I won’t buy any new ones unless any of them get broken.


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