Shoes, Shoes

Following yesterday’s post I decided to organize my shoe closet and take a few pics of the final culled product.

First my black boots.

Suede flat tall boots No brand Heeled boots Pimkie Wedges H&M Suede ankle boots Sam Edelman

The Pimkie ones are a hand me down from my sister. They have quite a heel, the same as the wedges that’s the reason I don’t wear them that often. I would like to buy a not suede ankle boot, I love Hope Grace ones, but I just don’t have the money right now.

Here my brown boots.

Flat brown boots New Look Block heel brown ankle boots Massimo Dutti

I wear this two pairs a lot and I would like to add another member to the brown club Sam Edelman Petty .

That’s what a I wear in winter (november to march), in spring and autumn I can wear them as well but I will use more my ballet flats and shoes.

Repetto silver leather and black leather (last ones a present from my boyfriend)

I absolutely love Repetto flats, I don’t know if I can justify the high price tag, but the silver ones were bought on sale and I din’t pay for the black ones. I would like to buy some more, maybe nude and red. I wear these all the time so if the price is right it’s money well expended.

High heel shoe booties Bohoo Shoe boots M&S Black shoes Stradivarius Grey shoes Mari Paz

I have sold most of my shoes because I couldn’t wear high heeled shoes any more, these are the ones that have lower heel. I don’t spend much on shoes because the don’t have the same wear as ballet flats or boots, so neither of these ones are leather. The black booties and grey shoes have been used a lot and I think next year will need a replacement.

In summer all I wear is sandals and flip flops.

Red espadrilles No brand Brown wedges No brand 

Black flat sandals Zara Golden leather flat sandals Dolce Vita 

I would like to buy another pair of espadrilles in black next summer . You can get high quality espadrilles in Spain and they are really comfortable for the summer.

Here is a picture of my 20 pairs all together, including my two pairs of flip flops and my trainers.


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