White shirt (again)

I have already talked about silk white shirts  and my love for Equipment, but cotton white shirts are another staple in my wardrobe. I have had many but since I was getting older (and bigger) it was more difficult to find one with a good fit (in my chest, shoulders and hips). That’s the reason I love boyfriend shirts, they are cut looser so I can fit everything in (there is nothing worse than a tight shirt).

Quality is important in shirts, low quality cotton makes your shirt in wearable after a few washes. My budget doesn’t allow me big expenditures so I have to reach a compromise between quality and price tag. Massimo Dutti has an acceptable quality level at a not to hefty price so today I went to try this shirt.

I love it, good quality cotton with a bit of elastan for added comfort. Small buttons so they no overwhelm it, nice neckline and collar. You can wear it either tucked in or not.

Masssimo Dutti oversize poplin shirt

I also like in chambray, I’ll wait for it till the sales. ; )



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