Back in black

I can help it, I love an all black outfit like this so that’s what I wear today. Even my camera is black.

I have been looking for a pair of white jeans for ages, I tried thousands…well maybe just hundreds…no luck. I am thinking on buying this pair from Asos which should be the same as the ones I am wearing in this picture but probably they aren’t. If I finally find a pair I will go for an all white like this one.



  1. I like your all black outfit- it’s simple but still chic. I have the opposite problem. I have found white jeans but can’t find regular denim jeans that work for me. Ugh…

  2. Jeans are the most difficult thing to find ever!! I bought a pair of white ones, they are in the taylor…hopefully they will work.

  3. I love black! It’s only recently that I’ve made a conscious effort to inject colors to my existing wardrobe. I’m a lazy shopper. When I find a brand or style that I like, I stick to it. I tend to get most of my jeans from Uniqlo or James Jeans.

    • I do that as well, most of my jeans are from Topshop, if something fits you well I don’t see the point on look for something else, but they didn’t have any white ones! I am not crazy about color either I try but i feel more me in black, white and grey hahah

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