Back on white

Finally I found my white jeans, I have been wearing them non stop till this week. Now is so hot is all shorts, skirts and dresses.

This pic is from last week with my favorite stripped top from Cos. On Saturday I had an all white outfit with my James Perse v-neck, love it…I could wear white all summer long.

I am planning on adding some makeup posts to the blog, now my closet it´s almost what I wanted to be I am doing the same thing with skincare and makeup, editing and simplifying my routines, finding the holes and filling them.

My first hole is makeup brushes so I am planning getting them as a present for my birthday in September, so expect more on that soon….

Do you have the same approach to makeup as clothing?



  1. I’m a huge fan of COS and James Perse. I feel a little silly for putting back the white denim after trying them on. As I put on a more summery top today, I thought how nice it’d look with a pair of white jeans. Double drats. So I’m off to get a pair tomorrow. I can’t agree more with what you’re doing. After editing and culling my closets, I’ve found it so much easier to find the missing gaps. The same goes for my make up though I tend to wear very little.

    • I usually wear make up for work mostly and I found my usual routine wasn’t working for me anymore…so I thought it would need a bit of a revamp…

  2. You did it! You look great in your white jeans- so chic and crisp.

    I think establishing a skincare and makeup routine is similar to editing one’s closet. I don’t like too much makeup- so that part of my routine is naturally very streamlined. I feel that the more care you put into your skin the less makeup you need-so I put much more emphasis on skincare. I also grew up with the makeup artist Bobbi Brown as a neighbor so skin is so much more of a focus for her than just layering on makeup.

    • That’s so true! The more you care about your skin the less makeup you need. But I think everybody can use the help of a bit of makeup or maybe it’s just I am reaching my forties and I feel I need it more : )

      • Totally agree! A bit of concealor under yes, mascara and some gloss makes everyone look better. My mouth is wide open- WIDE OPEN. I can’t believe that you are reaching your 40s. I honestly thought you were 20 something.

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