As I said here, over the last few months I have been taking care of my make up stash (utterly neglected before). I tossed a few items that were out of date and I started making lists of what I had and what was needed. With those lists in mind I made my purchases that are right in the middle of things I think I need and things I don’t think I need but I really like.

My approach to buying make up is the same as clothing or skincare, I don´t want to have many choices, I prefer to have less things but nicer and higher quality. That said sometimes I jut buy cheap things because I like them : ) I kind of have a budget for each month for clothes, skincare and makeup that lately I have been spending more in makeup and skincare.

In the last three months I have bought less clothes and shoes, a pair of white jeans  (30€), a pair of Zara boots on the sales  (30€) (for autumn), a half price H&M bikini(12€), cheap summer sandals (12€), a couple skirts (both 8€) and a bra on sale (13€).  This is more or less 100€ in 3 months, I can’t resist sales…

Now then, this is what I bought in makeup.

From top left to right:

YSL Volume effect faux cils in extreme blue, it has been ages since I bought my last mascara, I use those free samples, I have nice long naturally curled eyelashes and they do the job. But this summer I wanted something different and I went for blue (it doesn’t show bright blue on me because I have really dark eyelashes, it’s more a subtle blue that I love). I bought it here for 19,95€. 

Nars blush in Mata Hari  and Nars lipstick in Heat Wave, I only owned a blush and it is already showing the pan! so I went to Nars counter to buy a pink blush and I ended with this mauve mate pink that goes nicely with my fair skin. My boyfriend volunteer to buy me a lipstick so between the two we chose this orangey red.

Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight  and Kevin Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer, I didn’t have any illuminator in powder ( I have Benefit high beam, but I don’t really like it) and I saw a 20% of in Dermstore, the rest it’s history : ) They also gave me a $15 off on my next purchase and I went back to Kevin Aucoin for the Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX5, my Ben Nye concealer was dead.

Suqqu creamy eye liner in black, I love a good cat eye, I had a friend going to London so I asked him to get me this in Selfridges. I had to restrain myself from asking more things from Suqqu, they just don’t fit in my budget : ( Kind of crazy that Suqqu is cheaper in UK than in Japan. I love the small brush, I can take one brush off from my Hakuhodo list .

OCC Lip tar in NSFW, you can never have too many red lipsticks : ) I wanted to try these so I went for the safe bid and got this true red. It feels really good on my lips, the color is fantastic and I just want to buy more. I heard that they are going to be sell in Sephora from September…

Do you think your make up buys or they are just impulsive?


If there is something that I wanted for a long time and never had the chance to get that is a good set of makeup brushes. The same thing as in the kitchen you need a proper set of knives in makeup I think is worth to invest in good quality set of brushes. What’s the point on expending 25€ in a blush if you don’t have the proper tools to get the most of it?

Due to many different reasons, main one being money (good ones are expensive) and also because I never really knew my options I didn’t ended buying any. But that´s what blogs are there for isn’t it? I did an extensive research and my conclusions were that japanese brushes were among the best in quality and could be also cheaper that high end brands brushes.

Hakuhodojapanese brush, brand has the advantage that they sell online outside Japan from an USA web page in english (I did try to understand anything from Chikuhodo japanese web shop but It was just impossible). These two companies make brushes for high end brands and also sell their own products.

Hakuhodo has lots and lots of make up brushes, so first thing I had to figure out what kind of brush I needed,  sort them out for use and then by price.You can find brushes from around 15$ to more than a hundred. I certainly don’t need 100$ brushes. Prices can change depending on handles, hairs so it took a while to get a comprise between the quality I wanted and the price I liked.

When I was going through this with my boyfriend,he was amazed of how much money these things cost so he offered to get them as my birthday present : )

These are the ones that made the cut (all images form Hakuhodo web site).

G5538BkSL Powder Brush round for setting loose powder and highlighter.

210 Blush Brush round for blush and bronzer.

235 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat for basic shadow lay down.

G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed for blending eye shadows.

G5514BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed for detail shadow application.

K007 Eyeliner Brush round not only for eyeliner also for concealer spot application.

B242BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round and flat for under eye concealer, liquid illuminator and cream eyeshadows.

I am still thinking, I would like to buy a lip brush but I already have a nice one (the only one I am keeping from my current ones), so please if you have any opinions share them with me, it’s a big purchase and I need all the help I can have.


I am lazy, that’s the naked truth, and this laziness affects every aspect of my life including skincare. Also I am a pragmatist, I don’t believe in miracles, expensive products that promise wonders in your skin. Simplifying routines works best for me and I think works best for my skin, the less aggressions it has the better it feels.

I always had an oily skin and I thought that the battle against it had to be won with harsh exfoliators, astringent tonics and tap water. This didn’t worked out, my skin was fighting back and my pores were bigger, my skin dehydrated and the oil stayed there…So I gave up fighting and now I only clean and moisturize.

Clean. I started using micelar waters to eliminate tap water from the cleaning routine but they didn’t really work out for me, so now I use Bioderma Hydrabio lait as an everyday makeup remover, it helps to keep hydration in the skin. I usually finish the cleanse with Avene thermal watethat calms and also keeps it hydrated.

Because I still have to use tap water while having a shower I have a gentle cleanser like Korres white tea  for my face.

Moisturize. I have fair skin that tends to get sun marks so over the summer I use a SPF moisturizer like Ducray Melascreen  SPF 50, or maybe something with SPF 25 if I am not going to be very exposed to the sun. At night I just use a moisturizer after the cleanse, Korres yoghurt cream or Ducray Ictyane HD if I feel my skin dehydrated over the winter.

Because I usually get black heads that I hate I sometimes exfoliate, even though I know it’s an aggression for my skin. I use Sabta facial exfoliator an all natural ingredients exfoliator with rice, clay  and karite wich is also moisturizing. Sometimes I use a mask,  Korres yoghurt mask that hydrates dry patches in my skin.

I always used eye creams but I just can find one that I like so I keep trying new ones and I am also not sure if they are doing any good or not…with your skin everything is an experiment.