Black & Gold

I am back from my holidays with a tan as souvenir, time for gold…

I have never been to keen on gold but this is changing maybe because I love it paired with black. Also I realized that having a warm undertone in my skin gold actually looks really good on me!

These are a few things I have been wearing lately:

Dolce Vita sandals, gold looks amazing over tanned skin, these t shaped leather sandals are understated and elegant for summer nights.

Primark earrings, I don’t usually find anything I like at Primark but I loved these and for 3€ you can´t go wrong.

Bulgary Jasmin Noir, I love Bulgary’s perfumes, this has an strong licorice smell and for some reason I find it very appropriate for summer hot nights. Also I adore the packaging : )

Finally my cheap take for the House of Harlow necklace. I had this on sale for 3€, yes I am a cheap accessories person.

What color pairings are you wearing lately?


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