Classic pumps

Meet my new kitten heels from Nine West.


These last two years I have been editing my shoe collection, last year update here . Even now it’s a work in progress, I have sold 18 pairs, I have 5 for sale right now and around 10 went to the bin. I did have many heeled shoes I couldn’t wear because they were too high and I have bad ankles. I loved most of them but if I could’t use them what was the point…Anyway, I had to change my mind and way of shopping shoes:

Buy less, that’s a tough one because I love shoes!

Buy sensible shoes, no high heels. Shoes I use on regular basis.

Also if something doesn’t work for me sell it, keep only things that I wear. Less things better quality, there is no magic number but around 15 pairs should be enough. I will post the updated collection soon.

So last year I bought two pairs of booties (black leather and brown suede, both on sale!) and I use them all the time. A pair of sandals that were thrashed after the summer and a pair of black pumps I  needed for a wedding. I think I have worn these about three times, for the wedding obviously and a couple more. They are uncomfortable as hell and very low quality. The problem is that I need a pair of black pumps but I not going to use them a lot so I don’t want to spend lots on them…and I have been looking for a nice comfortable pair, not expensive, black suede pointed pair of heels for a while. First I tried this pair from Zara, bad idea, Zara’s shoes are too narrow and too hard for my feet, they went back.

So here is when Nine West came on, I saw them on a private sale and they were around the same price of the Zara’s. I thought I will give them a go…and they are lovely. The quality is not amazing but they are much better  than Zara. Some people hate kitten heels but I find them quite nice, they are high enough to give the lift to the legs and you can walk like wearing a flat shoe.

A bit of toe cleavage.



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