Haircare (the french pharmacy edition)

I have long, thin, oily hair. I hate going to the hairdresser, they take my money and I never feel good about what they do. This means  the time between cuts is very long  and in consequence my  roots are very oily but my ends are very dry. I used to wash my hair everyday  because I can’t stand greasy hair but now I’am trying to do it alternate days. Right now my shower shelf looks like a french pharmacy stand.


I am nearly finishing most of these so it’s a good time for a little review.

Shampoo, I used to like greasy hair ones but they didn’t do any good to my ends or my scalp so now I use gentle ones, like Ducray extra-doux shampoo. I have been using it for a year or so and I like it, it leaves my hair clean and it can be used very often without been harsh to the scalp. I have already bought some more, the price it’s fine also, just a bit more expensive than the drusgtore ones.  I do buy all these in a French online pharmacy, it’s much more cheaper that buying it in Spain : ) I got my two pack  here.

Because I like to alternate shampoos I have been using also Phyto pytoneutre cream shampoo, I bought it on a private sale to try the Phyto brand along with the Phytodensium mask The shampoo is average, leaves the hair soft and shiny but it doesn’t control the grease for long, you need to use less quantity than the Ducray one because it’s a cream shampoo so it lasts long even though it is pretty small.  The mask on the other side it’s quite good, it really makes my hair look more dense and with more volume and shine. The smell is funny, like roots. You can see the ingredients on the Beautybar link, it really has roots extract. I bought them for cheap, it was 13,50€ for both and I would buy the mask again if I can find it at that price but not on full price.

And last but not list Klorane oil control dry shampoothis is the reason I can get away with washing my hair alternate days. I don’t hate the smell and it works for me, I tried a couple others but I like Klorane’s best.I buy it here.

Red nails

As I said before, red is my favorite color. Lately I have been wearing mostly red nail polish. Any kind of…


JINsoon Coquette 

The perfect red, not to cool not too hot. The formula is fantastic, here two coats, no top coat, yes it’s that shinny and lasts forever…


 Bourjois 1 second Rouge Cerise

This is a cooler red but also very bright, two coats + top coat.


China Glaze Igniting love

The hotter red and also the brightest with orange tones, two coats +top coat. Love this in summer.

Because you can never have too many reds : )

The new old

I live in skinny jeans, I love their fit but most of the times it’s difficult to find the right one so if I do find it I buy multiples : )

The blue jeans were actually the first pair of Topshop leigh that I bought after try them at the store. That was a couple of years ago, then they came in black, grey and red and now a new blue pair, the old one is jean’s heaven…



The new ones are not exactly as the old ones but I love them anyway… and polka dots are the new stripes aren’t they?