Shoes – the updated collection

Since summer finally arrived I am cleaning and storing my winter boots and pulling out summer sandals. I guess it’s a good time for an updated collection pic and some thoughts.

Here you can find my last post on shoes, the count was 18 pairs after exhaustive purging. But I still thought there were too many things.

Up to date I have sold 20 pairs of shoes, how can I manage to buy so many things that didn’t work for me I don’t know…but I am getting better, or that’s what I want to think ; )

I wrote about my shoe shopping “rules” in this post, and so far so good even though I managed to make a mistake, not an expensive one, in this year’s purchases.

This was my shoe stash before:DSCN7345

I still got three things from this pic for sale, so I am being a bit optimistic but I think that eventually they will sell and if not I can always donate them. I am still thinking what I am going to do with my old trainers (I will probably keep them) and the black sandals (I probably donate them).

And here it is the actual collection:


You see, much smaller : )

First row: Hope black boots, bought these on half price sale before they were discontinued and they are my “dressy” boots, I usually wear them with dresses and skirts. Sam Edelman Louie boots, I have had these for almost three years now and I have been wearing them to death so I needed a new pair. Since my old pair of brown boots wasn’t working for me I bought a new pair of  Zara brown boots that you can see in many of my recent posts. The last pair of boots are my flat boots and they are my new assignment for next winter because they are old and crap and I really need a new pair.

Second row: Silver and black Repetto flats (as before). Nine West black pumps seen here and my “newish” Adidas trainers.

Third row: Red and black wedge espadrilles from a local store, these are the most comfortable shoes for summer, made in Spain. I love them! Sam Edelman Gigi sandal, this is my new purchase for the summer, bought them half price : ) and they will substitute the old Zara ones. Dolce Vita Dacia sandals, my dressy sandals.


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