Haircare (International edition)

These posts about my never ending quest for a working hair routine look like empties posts. I have finished most of the things on the pic and I don’t think I will repurchase any of them (what a spoiler for the rest of the entry!)

Now, that I am in Germany with a horrible light I don’t know if I could make one of these with the german drugstore products that I am using right now. You can see the french edition here .


On to the above things,  MillCreek Jojoba Shampoo is the nicest of the lot, cleans my hair, leaves no residue and my scalp is notitchy but I don’t like the smell, kind of almond scent, so as I said I will keep on looking for a shampoo. Same goes to the MillCreek Keratin Conditioner, nice product horrible smell (my boyfriend says it smells like and rotten chewing gum : O…) I will get a hair cut as soon as I go back to Madrid so maybe I can skip the conditioner for a while…

The mask is again something that I can’t stand the smell of (this post looks like  more about me not liking any smell rather than talking about the products), in this case is peach scent and I hate peach. I bought Kao Essential Mask along with a few other things in Sasa, and this is the only one I don’t like. I know everybody raves about this but it feels really sillicony in my hair  and weights it down a lot. I am going to straggle to finish it…

And lastly something  else everybody likes and I don’t Batiste Dry Shampoo and again a smell I hate and I can’t describe. I also don’t like the feeling in my hair, I won’t repurchase this, I prefer so much the Klorane one.

Two not too bad and two fails….hopefully I will do better next time : )

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