Monki tshirts

Monki tshirts
I have been rather uninspired about clothes lately which is good since I have been buying quite a bit of makeup. The only thing that got my interest was Monki’s t shirts, you have already seen the stripped one here and I got another one in my new obsession, polka dots. Now the weather is getting colder is time for jeans and cardigans. Still loving Topshop leigh, this is more or lees my autumn uniform. Put my leather jacket on top, ankle boots, a snood and I am done.
The Revlon just bitten kissable lip balms are another winner, I have lovesick and I am thinking on buying romantic, they are easy to apply, long lasting and have vribant shades, love the price tag also.
I am also in the look for a new red nail polish, suggestions accepted.


It´s that time of the year, I am going to Ibiza for a week and this is what I am going to take with me :
3 shorts, 2 skirts, 3 dresses, 3 tanks, 5 t shirts, 2 pairs of flip flops, a pair of flat sandals and a pair
of wedges. Also 2 necklaces, the beach bag and an small clutch. Mostly black and white as usual,
easier to coordinate breezy things, no jacket needed.

Back on white

Finally I found my white jeans, I have been wearing them non stop till this week. Now is so hot is all shorts, skirts and dresses.

This pic is from last week with my favorite stripped top from Cos. On Saturday I had an all white outfit with my James Perse v-neck, love it…I could wear white all summer long.

I am planning on adding some makeup posts to the blog, now my closet it´s almost what I wanted to be I am doing the same thing with skincare and makeup, editing and simplifying my routines, finding the holes and filling them.

My first hole is makeup brushes so I am planning getting them as a present for my birthday in September, so expect more on that soon….

Do you have the same approach to makeup as clothing?

Back in black

I can help it, I love an all black outfit like this so that’s what I wear today. Even my camera is black.

I have been looking for a pair of white jeans for ages, I tried thousands…well maybe just hundreds…no luck. I am thinking on buying this pair from Asos which should be the same as the ones I am wearing in this picture but probably they aren’t. If I finally find a pair I will go for an all white like this one.

Silver grey

The weather is getting warmer, today I went out without the jacket!

I don’t usually post pictures where you can see accessories, so here is one.  I tend to wear more pendants in the summer with t shirts. I got this James Perse t shirt on Hautelook for less than half price and I still find it expensive, but I love the neckline in James Perse v necks and the quality is also good so I am happy with it (also I bought another one in light grey, you know shipping costs).


I hate take pictures of myself and I also hate that someone else take pictures of me, I guess I can’t come into terms with my image in the photo. But I have found it’s quite useful to know what things suit you and which ones don’t. In my path to know what I should buy or not taking pictures and store them here has a big impact. Also my Tumblr where I keep my inspiration.  I see plenty of leather biker jackets and black skinnies.

An small concession to color with the scarf and boots. My hair is getting longer : )

Denim shirt

I am sick this week, lay down in the sofa. My life is miserable so I need some online retail therapy.

I have been eyeing this Monki shirt  for a while, I would like to buy a boyfriend denim shirt but no too

thick so I can layer it under sweaters. The price tag and also the shipping costs (there is no Monki here)

make me decided against it but today I got a 25% discount and free shipping so I am reconsidering it.

I make these polyvore to convince me of how useful a denim shirt will be : ) I think I could make many

more compositions. All the things feature here have a place in my closet. What do you think?????

denim shirt

denim shirt II



I have a terrible feet ache today, consequence of a pedicure and a few hours of dancing in heels. So today a very casual outfit with sneakers.


These are the jeans I had from Asos last month, they are fine, taking into account that they were 20% off when I bought them. The material is quite thin so they are more spring/autumn than winter, not as comfy as the Topshop ones but cheaper. I would like to have a pair in white, but not a the current price, I’ll wait : )

I bought this hoodie last month to replace a very old one, I quite like the  white detail. Wearing this makes me think about dressing for you age topic. I will be 39 in a few months, am I too old to wear this kind of clothes? I have been wearing the same type of clothing for more than 20 years, I feel more me in this kind of outfit than a dressier one, but I know many people will think that this would suit more to a teenager. What do you think?


This is something similar to what I will be wearing to a wedding next weekend. Black dress from H&M 

trend, Zara cropped ponte skinnies , H&M white jacket, Stradivarius pointed black shoes,

black leather clutch by Opelle and a touch of red lipstick.

I didn’t buy anything new for this wedding, I believe in working with the things you already have in

your closet dressing up them, in this case, to a wedding. Check it out the fantastic place the venue

is going to be in, a seventeenth century former convent.