I am lazy, that’s the naked truth, and this laziness affects every aspect of my life including skincare. Also I am a pragmatist, I don’t believe in miracles, expensive products that promise wonders in your skin. Simplifying routines works best for me and I think works best for my skin, the less aggressions it has the better it feels.

I always had an oily skin and I thought that the battle against it had to be won with harsh exfoliators, astringent tonics and tap water. This didn’t worked out, my skin was fighting back and my pores were bigger, my skin dehydrated and the oil stayed there…So I gave up fighting and now I only clean and moisturize.

Clean. I started using micelar waters to eliminate tap water from the cleaning routine but they didn’t really work out for me, so now I use Bioderma Hydrabio lait as an everyday makeup remover, it helps to keep hydration in the skin. I usually finish the cleanse with Avene thermal watethat calms and also keeps it hydrated.

Because I still have to use tap water while having a shower I have a gentle cleanser like Korres white tea  for my face.

Moisturize. I have fair skin that tends to get sun marks so over the summer I use a SPF moisturizer like Ducray Melascreen  SPF 50, or maybe something with SPF 25 if I am not going to be very exposed to the sun. At night I just use a moisturizer after the cleanse, Korres yoghurt cream or Ducray Ictyane HD if I feel my skin dehydrated over the winter.

Because I usually get black heads that I hate I sometimes exfoliate, even though I know it’s an aggression for my skin. I use Sabta facial exfoliator an all natural ingredients exfoliator with rice, clay  and karite wich is also moisturizing. Sometimes I use a mask,  Korres yoghurt mask that hydrates dry patches in my skin.

I always used eye creams but I just can find one that I like so I keep trying new ones and I am also not sure if they are doing any good or not…with your skin everything is an experiment.