Presents & Sales (2)

Carry on the same theme as the previous post, I keep on wearing stripes …

I went into Cos to have a look a the sales and I finished buying something that wasn’t in sale. This stripped top could be easily one of the cheapest things in the shop even at full price, it’s a nice loose fit with soft pyma cotton and it has stripes!! I have the black with off white stripes  and now a white with black stripes… ; )

I also bought a denim jacket really cheap at Blanco, I thought it could be good for spring.

Also in the picture my new handbag!! I got it as Xmas present from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. It’s buttery soft lambs leather and it could be carried on the shoulder with the gold chain or as a clutch. I don’t know how it’s going to work for me carrying it as a clutch, because I have never have one before, so i’t good that it has the chain, but I definitively will give it a go and you will see it in pictures.

From the same designer as my other black handbag, Opelle, you can see it better in Amy’s pictures in her Etsy shop.