Black Basics

I enjoy buying basics, these are the things I mostly wear so I like to spend my time choosing them instead of something special that I would wear only twice.

Bodas cotton basics underwire bra. It’s so difficult to find a simple basic bra that goes more than B cup in Spain. Bodas makes simple but high quality bras, really comfortable to wear and with a very natural shape. Love it, the customer service it’s also fantastic, I am going to get some more…

Falke Pure matt 100 den tights. It’s been so cold lately I needed some opaque tights for my skirts. These are expensive but you can touch the quality, the finish in the legs is velvety soft and elegant.

Zara skinny cropped jeggins. These were on sale for 12,99€, it’s the kind of thing I wear all the time. Thinner and cropped for spring, they are also high waisted. They are a hit of the sales.

American Apparel Sheer jersey cap sleeve t. I am always looking for basic crew neck t shirts in black and white, these are good for layering or alone in the summer. 100% cotton (I hate when the have elastan, because it just highlight the muffin top). They are also on sale,  11$ is just right for a t.