Monki tshirts

Monki tshirts
I have been rather uninspired about clothes lately which is good since I have been buying quite a bit of makeup. The only thing that got my interest was Monki’s t shirts, you have already seen the stripped one here and I got another one in my new obsession, polka dots. Now the weather is getting colder is time for jeans and cardigans. Still loving Topshop leigh, this is more or lees my autumn uniform. Put my leather jacket on top, ankle boots, a snood and I am done.
The Revlon just bitten kissable lip balms are another winner, I have lovesick and I am thinking on buying romantic, they are easy to apply, long lasting and have vribant shades, love the price tag also.
I am also in the look for a new red nail polish, suggestions accepted.

Denim shirt

I am sick this week, lay down in the sofa. My life is miserable so I need some online retail therapy.

I have been eyeing this Monki shirt  for a while, I would like to buy a boyfriend denim shirt but no too

thick so I can layer it under sweaters. The price tag and also the shipping costs (there is no Monki here)

make me decided against it but today I got a 25% discount and free shipping so I am reconsidering it.

I make these polyvore to convince me of how useful a denim shirt will be : ) I think I could make many

more compositions. All the things feature here have a place in my closet. What do you think?????

denim shirt

denim shirt II