We are planing a weekend trip to London. I haven’t been abroad in a while and London is a fantastic place to go any time of the year. Shopping will be one of the highlights, but I will also go for a few pints in the pub, curry, pret a manger sandwiches and some sight seen!

Topshop I have a a couple of moto leigh super soft  jeans and I would like to buy another pair in grey. I can’t have enough skinnies.

Uniqlo the japanese store hasn’t sell online and the +J collection has many things I love. I really need a simple black coat.

Marks & Spencer I have been having my undies in M&S since a move to UK in 1996, I came back in 2000 but I kept buying them, now I can shop online I don’t have to ask anyone going to London to bring me some.

Newlook perfect place for a pair of not expensive shoe boots.

Wharehouse for the pair of red skinnies I have been lusting for.

Whistels if I change my mind and I buy a red coat instead of black one.

Frenchconection I am looking for a black long cardigan like this one.

Also American Apparel has a shop in London, I would like to have a look at this cardigan as well.

This is just a small sample of London shops, it’s a meca for shoppers, I will probably go to see many more but i don’t think I have enough budget to buy all I want…