This is the accessories nook in my bedroom.

I have three hooks where I keep my bags and scarfs. Since I purged most of my bags I don’t have many now and the one I use everyday it’s kept in the entry way. I love my basket that I use to go to the beach in the summer.

Scarves from Dayaday, Primark, Pull&Bear, Zara…
Bags from Zara, Opelle,  Lefties and H&M tote.
I don’t have color in my closet and scarves are an easy way to add it.

I bought this jewelry storage at Urban Outfitters, they no longer carry it. I have so many earrings that it has to be big. It’s so much easier when you can see what you have…and it looks really good.

I have been living in this flat for nearly 10 years and this was done only a few months ago…I am a slow thinker when it comes to decoration.


I don’t usually post interiors but I love them as well. I live in an small apartment and I have a low budget so Ikea is all around it. I just have rearranged my expedit bookcase in the living room that shares space with the dinning table.

I love the chairs, my investment on spanish design. The came from a vasc company called Stua. They have amazing things and the price is not step high.

Do you share the love for interiors as well as fashion?


There is nothing coolest than white ceramic. These pieces from Naharro , a company from La Rioja in Spain, epitomized the beauty you can find in simplicity. They have revitalized traditional ceramics from La Rioja, Navarra and Pais Vasco with a modern twist.