Notes in style

I saw this blog post a while ago and I loved it. Normally my style is not that classic, more kind of black, grey, t shirt, skinnies and boots… but sometimes I choose to wear something different. I like to be true to myself but I got bored of wearing always the same thing.

Blogs are a great source for inspiration, sometimes you might see something you love  but that doesn’t go with your style and you work it out to incorporate while  been you. That’s what I tried to do.

Top Massimo Dutti Shirt Equipment Skirt H&M Tights Marks&Spencer Boots Sam Edelman

The Dragon Tattoo Collection: Trish Summerville X H&M

The Dragon Tattoo collection is the last H&M collaboration. I usually pass these H&M designer associations but Trish Summerville’s clothes got my interest. The collection is for sale in only a few stores and is inspired by the american movie version of the Stieg Larsson book “The men who didn’t love women”. Thris Summerville is the clothing designer in the movie.

 Via H&M

On Saturday after reading Miss Sophie’s opinion about the collection I went to the shops selling it. There is not much publicity around it unlike any other H&M collaboration. There are only a few stalls in the Divided section and not many people looking at them. Maybe is a collection that is not appealing to so many people.

I tried a few things and I lover them, the quality is really good for the price. The leather jacket is gorgeous but I wasn’t looking for one, I was looking for a replacement for my grey cardigan, so I bought this…

The cardigan is like a knit hoodie with draped sides, it has a big safety pin so it can be pinned in one side. You can find it also in maroon I loved it also but grey was more suitable for me.


I love stripes, I can’t get enough… My closet was missing a longer sleeved striped top. I have tried many but nothing quite work it out and finally yesterday I found this one at Massimo Dutti. The material is nice and soft cotton modal  and it’s slightly slouchy. I tried it on with most of the things in my closet and it goes with almost everything. I love it and the price is right.

For today I went for a classic look with high waisted black jeans and black pumps but you will see it very often around here.

Jeans H&M Top Massimo Dutti Shoes (really old)

I also loved this coat, nice and thick material. I like the styling with the bright red flats.


I started to wear necklaces recently and I am still figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. Yesterday while browsing Girl a la mode , fantastic blog from the british womenswear designer Charlie May, I saw jewelry designer Madeline Moxham and I fell in love with her designs. They have and edgy look but I find them quite classic as well.

I really want this anubis necklace.

They are still setting the web store but you can find it on Bengt.

Check also the harnesses, they are something you can buy just to look at it at home.

If I had the money, which I don’t, I will also buy this taba bracelet .

White shirt

You know when you find something and you fall in love? That was me when I bought my Equipment shirt.

Equipment signature shirt 

This is the only shirt I have right now. I usually wear t shirts and jersey tops, I feel more comfortable in them. A while ago I went into Pull&Bear and they had many white shirts in different styles, I was looking for one and I bought the “boyfriend” in cotton. The style was just what I wanted, a bit oversized with two pockets. After a couple of washes small holes appeared in the fabric and the creases made it impossible to wear. The shirt was cheap but this was just plain crap. But I liked the style so much I started to look for something similar with better quality, and I saw Equipment shirts in blogs. I don’t like to buy something because is on fashion, it will be expensive and most of the times it’s not going to work for me. But one day a nature white shirt was on sale, half price at my-wardrobe, and it was my size so …I give it a go and I fell in love.

When it arrived it was exactly the same as my cheap shirt, the same cut, measurements… clearly it was a copy. So I liked the style before I knew about Equipment signature shirt. Then I realized how good the material was, the drape of the silk, the feeling in my skin. I don’t believe in perfect things, this shirt it’s is not perfect but it’s as good as it gets for me now.

It’s the kind of thing you can wear with almost everything, in the summer I wore it with shorts and now underneath jumpers and cardigans.

Shirt Equipment Skinnies TopShop Cardigan Forever21(similar) Boots Massimo Dutti 

I think is about time I buy another gray cardigan, everyone must be tired of this one.


Do you know those blogs that choose 30 items from their closets and remix them for a month? Well that’s me, always. I think my closet is about half of the size that was about 6 months ago. I know that I have more than 30 items, but I change my clothes depending on the seasons so at the end of the day each month I am using about 30 items and I remix them.  A few things can be wear all seasons, like t shirt dresses .


In the summer I wore this dress with flat sandals, bare legs and an statement necklace. In fall and winter I add leggings or tights and a cardigan.

Dress Stradivarius Cardigan Forever21 Leggings H&M Boots Sam Edelman


Carry on in the Xmas endless wish list, here are a couple of things I love.

I am not a fan of rings, I love to see them but I can’t stand having things in my hands, this applies to watches, gloves and rings….but I saw these ones and I would love to have them. They are really thin and I think they will be like wearing nothing.


On the other hand I really like wearing earrings, I used to have pair that looked like safety pins and I lost them. Can I have these ones?

Tom Binns


I love tights, I have many, so many I have told myself I can’t buy anymore this year, maybe even next year. The thing is I buy many but I don’t use all of them. I am very picky and I think tights is something you have to invest money in, because if they are cheap they are not going to be comfy therefore you are not going to wear them, or they are going to break easily. Both scenarios are a waste of money, something I don’t have right now.

While I was in London I bought this pair in M&S, the reviews are all true, these are my first pair of cashmere blend tights and they are really amazing. The fit, the quality, washing after washing, the softness and they are so warm… I am sad I only bought a pair, I maybe buy another online. I have been wearing non stop since I bought them.

 Top M&S Skirt Forever21Boots Sam Edelman

I can get enough of these bodycon skirts, they are so easy to wear. Last Friday I had the same outfit but with my stars H&M skirt  and my shoe boots for a salsa night out with friends. Talking about shoes boots, I am in love with these ones  from Pull&Bear, I tried them on last week and they have the perfect heel, comfortable but really dressy. I ´ll wait if they go on sale, and then I maybe get these ones too.

Wish List

I am thinking in my Xmas wish list. I would like a fisherman jumper, preferable in black cotton, I need thicker knitwear for the winter. I love statement necklaces like this one, this is cheap so I maybe buy as  a treat to myself. I have been looking for a leather motor jacket for ever, I maybe bought this one ; ). I am absolutely in love with my equipment shirt, I would like to buy them all, including the white and black Bret below. I maybe will get the clutch as my boyfriend’s Xmas present, I don´t have a dressier handbag and the quality in this one is amazing for the price.

Click in the pictures for source.

What are you having for Xmas?