I went shopping today for some long sleeve t shirts for my boyfriend and it proved more difficult than I thought. He also needed a black jumper, I couldn’t find any of the them so I ended buying this at H&M.

Of course I couldn’t leave the shop without buying something for me.

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures, it’s a black skirt with mini white starts.I love starts, I could’t resist.

You may say, why if the quality is so bad, I add so many pictures…I can help it, I just received my new James Perse t shirts in black and white and I think they look good with the skirt. I love them, the quality, the fit…fantastic. And they were half price  : ) . I bought the black cardigan at M&S while browsing through underwear. I wanted a long draping black cardigan that wasn’t itchy and I saw this one, the fill is nice, it wasn’t expensive so here it is. What do you think?



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