Most of the times my style is boring and predictable, jeans, shirt, sweater and boots. But that is just the way I like it, maybe it’s that I will be 40 in a few months and the only thing I want now it’s being comfortable with what I wear.

In reality I have never been very adventurous with clothes, every time I decided to incorporate something “different” in my closet ended in the bin, in my sister’s or in ebay…that was the consequence of taking into account people’s advice : you should wear more color”…wrong! I should wear whatever I want to wear. That’s the reason why I hate those body types clothing guides, you  have an apple body so should wear a line skirts, no!!! I don’t want to wear what’s more flattering for me, I want to wear what works best for me, what I like to wear, not what people think I should wear. I am don’t mind if that is boring…


Stripes 2.0.

This COS t shirt is the perfect stripped shirt, 100% pima cotton, mine is size L so I can lay shirts underneath.

It so good I needed to buy another one, the one in the pics is white with thin navy stripes, the new one here is white with larger grey stripes.

The last thing, the price is also perfect 19€ : )



This is me 95% of winter days, add parka on top.


Jeans Topshop Top Cos Boots Zara Cardigan H&M

This is what I wear when I don’t want to think about what to wear,  when I think I don’t have anything to wear…because I know for sure this will work, I will feel good wearing this, jeans, top, cardigan and boots wining combination. That’s why basics are so good, because you can mix and match them endless times and even if most of your clothes are in the washing you still have something easy to wear, without thinking, uniforms: a full proof formula…I love it. And love my nails.

Inspiration – Rooney Mara for Vogue



Love Rooney Mara’s makeup  in this editorial. Strong brows, contoured face and barely there lips and eyes. My take below:


Chanel Notorious for contouring face and the eyes socket. I am not a person that fells in the wagon of “limited edition” but as soon as I saw this I knew it was going to work on me, and  I love it! I use for the face with Hakudodo 210 and eyes Hakuhodo 5523.

Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof brown liner  is darker than my other pencils and works best for stronger brows.

Benecos natural lipstick adds just a bit of color , BDIH certified feels very moisturizing in my lips and has a very good price.

Lancome Hypnose star mascara


Slowly coming back to see if I can do something with this blog : )

After black grey comes closely into my favorite colors. And as always is easy to dress all in one color, no brainer.


The sweater is from JCrew on sale, the jeans Topshop (always), snood H&M (men) and boots Zara last summer sales, I know boots on sale in summer?