Back in black

I can help it, I love an all black outfit like this so that’s what I wear today. Even my camera is black.

I have been looking for a pair of white jeans for ages, I tried thousands…well maybe just hundreds…no luck. I am thinking on buying this pair from Asos which should be the same as the ones I am wearing in this picture but probably they aren’t. If I finally find a pair I will go for an all white like this one.

Presents & Sales (2)

Carry on the same theme as the previous post, I keep on wearing stripes …

I went into Cos to have a look a the sales and I finished buying something that wasn’t in sale. This stripped top could be easily one of the cheapest things in the shop even at full price, it’s a nice loose fit with soft pyma cotton and it has stripes!! I have the black with off white stripes  and now a white with black stripes… ; )

I also bought a denim jacket really cheap at Blanco, I thought it could be good for spring.

Also in the picture my new handbag!! I got it as Xmas present from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. It’s buttery soft lambs leather and it could be carried on the shoulder with the gold chain or as a clutch. I don’t know how it’s going to work for me carrying it as a clutch, because I have never have one before, so i’t good that it has the chain, but I definitively will give it a go and you will see it in pictures.

From the same designer as my other black handbag, Opelle, you can see it better in Amy’s pictures in her Etsy shop.

Outfit 2

Yesterday´s outfit was all about black. I am looking for another pair of slouchy black pants, I have wore this so much they are falling into pieces. If you know any…

The t shirt has had also a lot of wearing. I bought this one and a white one at the beginning of the summer when the Cos store opened in Madrid. Few days later the thread in the white one started to get loose and now is frayed…no good.

Pants : Stradivarius Shirt : Cos

The espadrilles are also a new buy from this summer, you get the best in Spain. When I was looking for a pair most of them where cheap chinese, finally very close where I live, I found a really old fashioned store (the didn’t have a credit card machine!!!) and that was it. They are the most comfortable shoes I have and they are beautiful as well. Matching toe nails optional.