Basics 2

Finally I took advantage of a deal and I bought this t shirt instead of American Apparel.

I bought a couple, white and black. I chose the V neck, I already have these rounded ones from Cos.

I love that the JP are 100% cotton, viscose drapes nicely but it’s not as good with hot weather as natural fabrics.

T shirts are a foundation in my closet  and I am straggle to get them right. I don’t want to spend to much money in something so basic but quality is also important. Hopefully James Perse t shirts will fit the bill.


I am going away for the weekend. One of the best things about having a good working closet is that packing gets much easier. I tend to wait till the last minute and I like to travel light, I don’t have a car so I prefer to take my backpack.

These are the things I am planning to take, I am thinking on maybe add a pair of shorts because the weather is going to be really good only a little bit chilly at night, that’s the reason I am taking a couple of scarfs. A black dress for saturday night, a couple of skinnies, four tops, a couple of knits and my black Repettos that I can wear with everything. The flip-flops can be useful for staying indoors and out, underwear and a nightgown and I am done!!

I roll the garments so they creased less and they fit easier in my backpack. What are your tips for packing? Next week I will show this weekend outfits.


My next purchase is going to be a pair of red jeans, skinny of course…like these Mango ones.

I love this look, very easy to recreate with my H&M white blazer and white equipment shirt. I even have a similar pair of shoes.

The perfect 10

The white T shirt H&M

The skinny pant Top Shop / Gap

The bodycon skirt Forever 21 / Marks & Spencer

The ballet flat Repetto

The LBD Stradivarius

The stripped T shirt H&M / Zara

The knit H&M / Pull&Bear

The white shirt Equipment

The blazer H&M

The leather jacket Springfield

Wedding outfit

I have a wedding next spring, here is usual people tell you that early…

I am planning wearing my white H&M blazer. I tried this dress on in Mango and I thought it could look good… In me doesn’t look as short as in the model,it’s more a knee length. I am planing to wait to the sales, Mango has 50% off. What do you think? What kind of shoes should I wear?

Outfit 10

It´s getting chillier in the mornings, now that I have mastered my summer clothes I have to start all over again with fall. This outfit is transitional, a summer top and wedges with fall cardigan and skinnies.

Black skinnies:  Topshop Knit: H&M Top: Zara Trafaluc (also  Wedges : no name (also here)

These jeans have a really good fit and they are comfortable to wear but the quality is not as good. They are loosing color,  maybe is that I wash them too much. Anyway, they are to thin for the winter so I am going to leave them soon till the spring and and I am going to buy the Cheap Monday. This will be the second time I buy a pair, but this is another history I will tell you when I get them.

Still purging my closet, yesterday was cardigans. I really like this one, even if I need to iron it….is light weight cotton. I can’t stand wool, I have very sensitive skin, good for me as cashmere is so expensive. Merino it’s not too bad, but I prefer cotton cardigans. They are not as cozy in the winter so I just need to add more layers.

The purge

I have been doing a massive clear out from my closet. I am taking one type of item at the time, going through every single thing and taking the ones are not using anymore to sell at Ebay, give it to family or friends, to charity or just toss them into the bin.

I didn’t realize how many things I wasn’t actually wearing, I felt sad and stupid for the waste of money. It all started with my shoes, I opened the closet where I store them to add a new pair and I found out there wasn’t any space left. My brain started to work and I began purging. I think I tossed about 7 pairs, 2 went to charity and sold 6 pairs. I am going to give 3 pairs to my sister and still have 7 pairs for sale. That adds up 25 pairs, but I am still reassessing so I believe more things will go.

And it felt so good… so I follow on with everything else. I counted around 45 tops and I was wearing only 15! I have sent most of them to charity, they were cheap (3 to 10€) tops that are in good condition, most of them fitted and I don’t wear fitted tops any more. The bast majority are a few years old, the ones are newer will have a go with my sister and friends. Selling this kind of thing in Ebay is pointless.

I have done the same with everything else, there are a few listings with handbags and dresses and I have sold one of each, I will wait if they sell If not they will go to charity as well.

It’s not the money, I haven’t got much but I feel better if I think someone it’s going to use it and also I hope the charity makes any money to help people with the things I gave them. I wont’t be so wasted, so vacuous.

This is still a work in progress, I don’t know how long it’s going to take, it’s been difficult. I have done everything wrong, I thought I knew how to shop but I didn’t. I have to learn again just hoping this time I will do it better.

** If you are interested in the items that I have for sale please check my shop , I have more clothing items please email me if you want to see them


Today it’s my birthday, a good moment to improve my closet.

Black leather Reppeto flats, present from my boyfriend.

Gap dark wash denim legging, present from my mum.

Saint James naval top, present from myself.

Outfit 9

 Shorts: Zara Trafaluc Top: H&M Trend KnitPull&Bear Wedges Berskha 

I realized that I wear  my shorts a lot, even though I only have 3, the one in the top, boyfriend from Zara, the diy white ones and the H&M black shorts. I should buy some more, I would like a more tailored black one and maybe a darker denim wash. I also wear skirts and dresses, much more than a few years ago. The reason, apart from  Madrid´s hot  summer weather, is that a couple of years I decided I was tired of depilation and I invested in laser hair removal. It was expensive, but really well expended. Now I don´t have to care about how my legs look like, I just put my shorts on and go.

The other thing I realized is I don´t wear these wedges, I think they are just to high for me, I love the look but I would like them more if they were lower. There is nothing I can do about that so I am going to sell them. If you are interested please check my shop.